Stripes Mini Drawstring Yarn Bowl

Stripes Mini Drawstring Yarn Bowl

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These bags are just the cutest things! They are a scaled down version of my Drawstring Yarn Bowls and were designed to just hold a sock wip. 6" DPNS, 9" circulars or longer circular needles for magic loop are able to fit in this little bag! Made from a heavy duty canvas on the inside, canvas on the outside and the cord is 100% cotton. This little bag can handle a lot! It's the perfect companion for knitting socks on the go and will fit in your bag that you take on the go!

5.5 inches tall
4 x 4 inch base
8 inches to the top of the drawstring flap when open
7 inches wide when flattened

Handmade by Jessica Hendry in Barrie, Ontario.

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