Our Yarns


Galactic Halo Mohair

72% Kid Mohair 28% Silk
459 yards/50 grams
Single ply/Lace weight
Our Galactic Halo Mohair base is perfect on its own for a lightweight, airy fabric or held double with itself or another yarn base. This yarn will give a beautiful halo effect to your project.

Moon Dust Suri

74% Baby Suri Alpaca 26% Silk
328 yards/50 grams
Single ply/Lace weight
Our Moon Dust Suri base is a very soft single ply yarn. It is a great alternative to mohair for projects where you want some added fluffiness.

Moon Rock Slub

90% Super Wash Merino 10% Nylon
438 yards/100 grams
Single ply/Fingering weight
Our Moon Rock Slub base is a fun fingering weight yarn to use when you want to add some extra texture and interest to your knitting.

Nebula Eclipse Sock

80% Super Wash Merino 20% Nylon
400 yards/100 grams
2 ply/Sock/Fingering weight
Our Nebula Sock base has a firm two ply twist that keeps the strength needed for socks while also keeping the yarn plump and soft to use in a multitude of projects.

Asteroid Sock

80% Super Wash Merino 20% Nylon
437 yards/115 grams
4 ply/Sock/Fingering weight
Our Asteroid Sock base is a strong but soft yarn that is great for a variety of projects. Also, it's sourced from a Canadian mill!

Cosmic String Single II

100% Super Wash Merino
434 yards/115 grams
Single ply/Fingering weight
Our Cosmic String Single II base is a super soft single ply yarn. This yarn is just as lovely as the original Cosmic String Single base with the added bonus of being locally sourced from a Canadian mill!

Eclipse Fingering

100% Peruvian Highland Wool
437 yards/100 grams
2 ply/Fingering weight
Our Eclipse Fingering base consists of two ply's of wool (one black, one white) that are plied together to create a beautiful marled effect. When dyed, the black strand remains and compliments the dyed strand to add lots of intrigue to your project.

Orbit Heavy Sport/Light DK

80% Super Wash Merino
10% Cashmere 10% Nylon
280 yards/115 grams
Our Orbit Heavy Sport/Light DK base works well for projects calling for either sport or DK weight yarn. The addition of cashmere makes this our most luxurious base yet! Perfect for shawls, hats, sweaters, mittens, etc. Plus, it's also sourced from a Canadian mill!

Northern Lights DK

100% Super Wash Merino
250 yards/115 grams
4 ply/DK weight
Our Northern Lights DK base is a four ply yarn that is super squishy and soft. It is a great option to use for a variety of projects such as sweaters, hats, cowls, blankets, etc.

Eclipse Worsted

100% Peruvian Highland Wool
218 yards/100 grams
2 ply/Worsted weight
Our Eclipse Worsted base is the big sister to our Eclipse Fingering base. It is very squishy and quite soft considering it is also 100% wool. Perfect for hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, colourwork, etc.

Once in a Blue Moon

*Can be on any base at any time.
Our Once in a Blue Moon title refers to any kind of base that has been dyed in a unique way that cannot or will not be repeated. They are always beautiful tonal or speckled colour ways. When available, each Once in a Blue Moon listing will contain the information relevant to that particular base (i.e. yardage, weight, and fiber content).

Little Dippers

Our Little Dippers are our mini's! Currently, we have two bases available in 20 gram versions: Comet Sock (92 yards) and Cosmic String Single (80 yards). These will be available both individually and in bundle collections of different amounts. They will be available in tonal and speckled colour ways. Mini's are great as a pop of colour in a project, for sock heels/toes/cuffs, for adding a stripe to your blanket, small projects like crocheted or knitted toys, etc. The possibilities are endless!

The Knitty Gritty

Yarn and Photo Clarity

Due to the wonderful and interesting nature of hand dyed yarns, there is lots of room for variation within each colour way itself and for each base that the colour way is dyed on. Basically, even if it's the same colour way- each skein is unique! This can be due to the differences in fiber content, plies, and whether the yarn is "super wash" treated.

For each update, we will include new photos of every available colour way in order to provide reference for how the yarns will appear in person. However, please note there is still a possibility that your yarn will not look 100% like the photo (due to different monitor screens). We promise to try our best to accurately portray each colour way in our photos.

Wool Care

Our yarn is dyed using acid dyes and should be hand washed/soaked in cold water using a wool wash (i.e. Soak, Eucalan, etc.) and laid flat to dry. Minor color bleeding may happen with some colour ways during their first soak. This is normal and even happens with commercially dyed yarns. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at fullmoonfibres@gmail.com

Two + Skein Projects

As mentioned above, each skein of hand dyed yarn tends to be a bit different. If you are starting a project that requires more than one skein, in the same colour way, we recommend alternating skeins as you knit or crochet. If there is a colour way that you would really like to have in a larger amount, please contact us at fullmoonfibres@gmail.com and we would love to help you with that! We will specifically dye a larger quantity all at once for you. In the future, it is our hope to be able to offer regularly available sweater quantities in our shop in addition to custom orders.